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Our PEXTO over-driven squaring/gap style shear. Circa 1955. This is where production of many of the metal panels and brackets begins. Accurate sized blanks are sheared for further work on punch presses, bending brakes, and other machines CSR uses to produce high quality parts.

Since 1976 CSR has always specialized in making parts and providing services that are not available elsewhere. The goal is to reproduce parts to original standards in order to insure proper fit and longevity (of wear). Many of the parts we sell are made in house—especially metal pcs. CSR has also invested in new tooling to produce many rubber parts which are made in the USA and Britain. In some cases original tooling has been located and resurrected.

Our speciality is 1955 to 62 MGA cars. In recent years CSR has also produced parts for Austin Healey, MG-T series, MGB and Jaguar autos. Hundreds of pcs. including metal stampings, machined pcs., rubber mouldings and extrusions, felts and packings, plus an extensive line of fasteners and hardware are offered.

Catalogues and parts listings are offered—state your interest(s)! Always include your mailing address, phone/fax/e-mail numbers and information will be sent to you and your name will be added to appropriate lists for future mailings and updates.

Engine I.D. Plates

For BMC.BLMC vehicles (A, B, & C series engines) Embossed (raised and/or indented) as original. We make the blank plates and stamp them to order.
$28 ea. (includes post) ORDER FORM

Door Seals

Original style for MGA cars. Same seal also used on many BMC sedans and Jaguar XK150, Mk. 7/8/9 sedans. See details.

Chassis/Inner Body Panels

Chassis repair panels/floorboard supports and all kinds of brackets and special hardware for MGA cars. Package deals offered.

Rubber Grommets

CSR offers an extensive line of grommets, small rubber mouldings, and fibre packings to plug holes, seal pipes/wiring, and mount misc. pcs.
Grommet kits offered for MGA.

Parts for MGA Side Curtains

CSR offers new pcs. including plastic glass, felt channels, and rubber strips for the rebuilding of factory and some aftermarket side curtains.

Mounting Brackets for Seat Belts

Original style mounting brackets have been reproduced for typical BMC seatbelt applications. Kits offered for MGA:
M70A MGA Roadster $89.00
M70B MGA Coupé $69.00
M70C MGA Mk.II $46.00
M70D - AH Sprite Mk.I (Bugeye) $84.00

Information & Technical Guide for MGA Owners

MGA Owner's Information & Technical Guide, by Todd Clarke.
Over 40 pages of extremely helpful text and diagrams. Written for the MGA enthusiast. Supplied spiral bound. (4th edition available soon)

Genuine Lucas Headlamps

Lucas Headlamps

More supplies of these authentic top quality 7" (75/50 watt) sealed beam lamps have been located—all are made for RHD/LH traffic. This is all we have been able to secure. Many customers are using them for show purposes only so the direction of the low beam does not matter!
Special Pricing $25/ea., $46/2, $80/4, $102/6, $125/8



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This is only a small selection of the many authentic parts produced by CSR